Frank and Terry Garrett Garrett Consultants have been delivering excellent service in drilling and completing wells since 1985. We are ready to bring our extensive history and trusted experience to help your project succeed.

The Garretts have been making it in the oilfield for over 90 years. Terry Garrett is the president of the company and the fourth generation of the Garrett family in the drilling business. He gained his experience and knowledge just as his ancestors did -- at the rig.

J. I. Garrett was drilling with cable-tool rigs in East Texas in the late 1910s. By 1930, his son, D. F. (Frank) Garrett, was roughnecking and drilling in East and West Texas. Frank Garrett was the first employee hired by McVay and Stafford when they went into business in Hobbs, NM in the mid 1930s. Frank Garrett and Frank Late met and formed Cactus Drilling Corp. in 1947 in Hobbs.

Terry Frank sold his interest in Cactus in 1958 and began working as a consultant until 1973 when he was asked to run a little one-rig company called Cherokee Drilling & Development Corp. His grandson Terry started roughnecking on Cherokee's rig and over the next ten years worked his way up through the ranks as derrickman, driller, toolpusher, assistant drilling superintendent, drilling superintendent, rig-up foreman, contract manager, and assistant operations manager. During Terry's tenure at Cherokee, the company grew to a successful six-rig Permian Basin contractor.

Garrett Drilling Corp. was formed in April 1985 because we saw a need for the old oilfield way of doing things and a way of getting the job done that the industry has strayed from. It started with Rig 12 which was bought and put to work in April 1985. Rigs 11 and 14 followed, beginning in October 1985 and May 1986, respectively. We believed that it can be done a little more quickly, a little less expensively and a lot more competitively than before. We still do.

From those humble beginnings, a lasting, respected reputation of exceptional service and commitment has been our reward. As we near our 25th anniversary, we celebrate our rich heritage in the oil business.

All of Garrett Consultants Wellsite Supervisors have a minimum of twenty-five years' experience in the drilling industry. We specialize in directional, horizontal, mudcap, underbalanced & multilateral drilling & completions. All of our consultants are hand-picked and very carefully screened and interviewed. We do not have any "bus-stop" hands. Honesty and integrity is the forefront of our firm. We will get the job done and done right......Garrett Guaranteed!